Who we are

Your route to the winners' podium

A look at your sales, profits, new and existing business should give you reason to smile, and we've been putting lots of smiles on the faces of business leaders for more than 40 years.  
Methodical, integrated customer management maps the route to success, opens the door to new contacts and customers, and ensures that you make the most of existing potential. Sound analyses of data and markets deliver the transparency you need to make strategic and operational decisions. Creative dialogue and direct marketing trigger purchases and strengthen customer loyalty. That puts our customers on the winners' podium.
Welcome to the specialists at LDB – where you'll find customer management with results that make you smile: through improved sales, profitability, growth and customer satisfaction.

Short and sweet:

  • More than 40 years' experience in market research and customer management
  • Leading position as a specialist for customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Around 500 employees
  • An international presence
  • A full spectrum of solutions for dialog and direct marketing, telemarketing, inbound and outbound services, market research, process and data management, business intelligence, data performance, and staff training.